Elevate your Posterior Ceramics

Indirect Posterior Dentistry from the EleVate team

18th January 2025 ( Saturday )


The dentist will understand the biological requirements of a broken tooth, key differences with preparation methods and provide the most appropriate core, cementation and occlusal assessment.


  • To establish a quick and accurate pre-operative occlusal analysis to form the basis for your preparation design
  • Understanding the biological requirements of a broken tooth, and also the material requirements with composite and ceramic.
  • To introduce the preparation design, identifying the various margin types (contact lens and traditional shoulder) used according to the thickness of enamel and dentine
  • To go through the bonding protocol for long term adhesive success and the use of heated composite for excellent aesthetic success and easy clean up
  • To show the use of PTFE as a cement trap to reduce clean up time
  • Precision adjustments of contacts to maintain morphology and provide natural functional harmony
  • Achieving high quality adhesion and a mini core build up to seal the dentine, block undercuts and deep margin elevation
  • Taking a high-quality analogue and digital impression
  • Post-cementation polishing and occlusal assessment