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Introducing the Kana Dental

The Kana Dental Academy has one simple aim. We want to connect the greatest speakers in the world with the most eager and progressive minds in the country.

The idea of the KDA was conceived when we realised that there was an incredible void in teaching courses within the middle of the UK. So much is focussed in/around London or up north. This is wonderful for delegates based in these areas, but very much a hindrance for anyone who would be required to commute those large distances.

Our eventual mission will be to ensure no UK-based delegate, wanting a postgraduate dental degree, will have to travel more than an hour to obtain it. This will allow progression for those with young families, for example, and open up endless career possibilities without sacrificing on a work/life balance. The belief is that all of this is achievable without sacrificing on the content being taught.

12 Month PG Diploma Programme in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry – Based in Milton Keynes (EDUQUAL Level 7)

The Kana Dental Academy is proud to present its inaugural course and qualification; The PG Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

We have 12 action-packed, hands-on and engaging days and some of the best speakers on the planet!

We have made this course unique in 4 ways:


  1. The primary method of teaching each unit will be hands-on
  2. Each course will be heavily focused on communication, and using communication to integrate your new skills seamlessly into general practice
  3. Obtain your PG Diploma in 1 year
  4. No formal written exam or OSCEs

The Launch of The Kana Dental Academy 2023

Why is this right for me?

  • PG Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry
  • Main focus is on hands-on learning
  • Dedicated support during and after course
  • 3 accredited course collaborations
  • Lecture handouts
  • Spread the cost by paying in monthly instalments with no interest
  • Obtain a PG Diploma in 1 year only
  • Learn not only the skills, but the communication aspects in each unit so you can integrate into practice from day 1
  • No formal written exams or OSCEs. We assess with a mixture of portfolios, reflective logs and MCQ format questions at the end of each

The countdown to our next course is on








PG Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry

This first year of the Kana Dental Academy brings you a PG Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry at our Training Suite based in north Milton Keynes.

The structure of the Kana Dental Academy’s Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Programme is that you choose the 11 most appropriate courses for your learning style out of 13 courses. Therefore, we have searched far and wide for the most variety, in terms of topics, in any course out there.

Hands-on and real-life, usable skills

We’ve all been there. You attended the most amazing course on a Saturday and then it hits Monday morning and nothing. This is normally the case for two reasons; you either didn’t have enough practice, or you don’t feel you have the support.

We are proud that each of our courses will be focussed on hands-on training. You will also have unparalleled support throughout the programme and beyond so that you get the most for your learning.

Kaival Patel – Head of Course


Training Centre Facilities

  • State of the art training facility
  • Comfortable seating and work-space
  • Large Projector
  • Two wide screen TVs for presentation
  • Ideal set up for hands-on demonstrations
  • Free parking for delegates
  • Coffee, refreshments and lunch provided by renown local caterers 
  • 10-minutes from Milton Keynes Central Station

Spread The Investment

What is the investment involved?

What is the investment involved?

Our promise to you is to be upfront about the investment. We will always tell you the full fee amount. It’s just a little thing but as many dentists are not VAT registered, therefore you need to know your total investment and not how it’s calculated!

A wise man once said, “cash flow is king!” therefore to help our full-course delegates, you may spread your investment over 12 months interest-free.

We use GoCardless to obtain payment. This can be paid securely online. As such, we offer two options for payment. Our full-course delegates are able to spread the investment over 12 months interest-free for £657 per month (via direct debit) or via a one-off payment for the first-year rate of £7880.

Individual courses can be booked by heading to ‘Book Individual Courses’. A one-off payment of ££695 will be taken before the course start date via an online form.  

Review the full line up

Unit 1: Communication & Self-Marketing in Dental Practice

Dr Jas Gill

Unit 1: Communication & Self-Marketing in Dental Practice

Dr Milad Shadrooh

Unit 1: Communication & Self-Marketing in Dental Practice

Shaz Memon

Unit 2: Contemporary Fee Setting, Treatment Planning and Consent

Dr Koray Feran

Unit 3: Concepts of smile design and direct composite smile provision

Dr Tom Sealey

Unit 4: Principles of Occlusion in General Dental Practice

Dr Jaz Gulati

Unit 5: Isolation & Digital Photography in General Dental Practice

Dr Harmeet Grewal

Unit 5: Isolation & Digital Photography in General Dental Practice

Dr Shiraz Khan

Unit 6: Dental Implants in General Practice

Dr Roshwin Carvalho

Unit 6: Dental Implants in General Practice

Dr Nikhil Oberoi

Unit 7: Composite Artistry

Dr Nik Sethi

Unit 7: Composite Artistry

Dr Elaine Mo

Unit 8: Fundamentals of Endodontics

Dr Daniel Flynn

Unit 8: Fundamentals of Endodontics

Dr Corneliu Gherasim

Unit 9: Aligner Orthodontics

Dr Inés Frühbeck

Unit 10: Artistic Periodontics

Dr Mitul Shah

Unit 11: Practical Skills in Oral Surgery

Dr Chris Waith

Unit 12: Anterior Preparation and Cementation

Dr Mahul Patel

Unit 13: Functional Indirect Posterior Onlays

Dr Sanjay Sethi


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