About Us

Introducing the Kana Dental Academy Based in Milton Keynes

The Kana Dental Academy has one simple aim. We want to connect the greatest speakers in the world with the most eager and progressive minds in the country.

The idea of the KDA was conceived when we realised that there was an incredible void in teaching courses within the middle of the UK. So much is focussed in/around London or up north. This is wonderful for delegates based in these areas, but very much a hindrance for anyone who would be required to commute those large distances.

Our eventual mission will be to ensure no UK-based delegate, wanting a postgraduate dental degree, will have to travel more than an hour to obtain it. This will allow progression for those with young families, for example, and open up endless career possibilities without sacrificing on a work/life balance. The belief is that all of this is achievable without sacrificing on the content being taught.