Aligner Orthodontics

Brace Yourself. Understand why and when to use Aligners in Orthodontics

4th October 2024 ( Friday )


The general dentist will be able to assess, diagnose and provide basic aligner therapy. They will understand the role of aligners in orthodontics in conjunction with the advantages and limitations.

The hands-on component will enable the delegates to feel more competent in providing the basic units of treatment involved in aligner orthodontics which include the placement of attachments, interproximal reduction, and intraoral scanning.


  • To have a basic understanding of different malocclusions
  • Learn treatment planning protocols using clear aligners
  • To be competent in case selection for aligner treatment, identify cases that need to be referred
  • To understand basic aligner mechanics and how to plan predictably
  • To feel confident in performing IPR, place attachments and use a digital intraoral scanner
  • Learn how to provide predictable retention and stability following aligner therapy