No Nonsense Hands-On Occlusion

No Nonsense Hands-on Occlusion. Occlusion in day-to-day dentistry

Date: 9th March 2024 ( Saturday )


The course will provide the dentist with a riskbased, structured approach to the assessment and management of occlusion in everyday practice.

There will be live demonstrations of the assessment of occlusion and the record-taking techniques to ensure reproducible and predictable lab made restorations.


  • To understand the principles of occlusion in relation to everyday dentistry
  • To be able to perform a pre-restorative assessment of occlusion so to achieve predictable restorative results
  • To be able to discern when to conform and to reorganise occlusion
  • To understand the basics of splint therapy, the role of the TMJ, different schools of thought and an experience-based approach to splint therapy for the general dentist