Oral Surgery Masterclass

Oral Surgery hands-on skills from a Master

17th January 2025 ( Friday )


To re-establish the key principles with regards to oral surgery in dental practice.

A complete guide from safe surgical planning, to using the most appropriate instruments in the correct way and finally dealing with complications.


  • Expand their medical knowledge and apply it to their assessment of patients, and discuss common anxieties such as the use of bisphosphonates and bleeding.
  • Identify appropriate surgical instrumentation and how to use them effectively.
  • To revise standard local anaesthetic techniques, look at reasons why these might fail and how to change your plan accordingly to achieve success
  • To look at oral anatomy and how it might change our local anaesthetic and surgical techniques
  • To understand the range of instruments and materials (including sutures and
    haemostats) available to the surgeon and the best way to use them
  • Establish a systematic approach to progressing from simple to more difficult
    surgical extractions
  • To review basic exodontia techniques (luxators, couplands and forceps)
  • To progress on to simple surgical (tooth sectioning, principles of flap design, flap raising, bone removal and suturing)
  • Understand the use of antimicrobials and analgesics in a rational and evidence-based way
  • Be able to identify key red flags and when it is not appropriate to perform oral surgery in general practice