Treatment Planning

Become worth it! Understand the value of your time and charge appropriately

1st November 2024 ( Friday )


To teach the basics of patient-centered case management for the dentist and provide a realistic understanding of the time and costs associated with fee setting and delivering high-level dental care in private practice.


  • How to ensure that sufficient patient data is collected before and during a new patient consultation as efficiently as possible
  • Collect and collate data for treatment planning purposes.
  • Understand the actual costs of time spent when treatment planning and communicating with our patients outside surgery hours to ensure a better work-life balance.
  • Understand the basics of the consent process and GDC standards and, therefore ensure that the communication and consent process are valid
  • Streamline the documentation, communication and consent process using modern GDPR-compliant methods, including secure form design and digital signing of documents to save time and energy and prevent miscommunication when maintaining records.