Implants: Screw it!

Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry

Date: 29th June 2024 ( Saturday )


To provide the dentist with a sound understanding of dental implant case selection.

This will also include an understanding of the skills or techniques necessary to surgically place a dental implant.

The participants will be able to take either digital or traditional impressions of a dental implant and be able to restore an implant successfully using a screw or cement retained technique. They will also be able to monitor a dental implant and be able to distinguish between a successful, failing or failed implant.


  • To understand the terminology involved in dental implantology
  • To create an awareness of the case selection for this treatment modality
  • To be able to distinguish between a simple or complex implant case
  • To appreciate the medical risks involved
  • To understand the steps involved with dental implant treatment
  • To understand the different implant-based restorative options
  • To understand the various techniques of implant impression-taking
  • To understand lab communication for a single implant crown
  • To be able to fit a screw/cement-retained implant crown
  • To be able to review a dental implant