Friday 7th March 2025

Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk Communication & Social Media  with the best in the Business

Saturday 8th March 2025

No Nonsense Hands-on Occlusion Occlusion in day-to-day dentistry

Friday 25th April 2025

Click and Cover: Photography and Rubber Dam

Take Beautiful Clinical Photography and Isolate like a Pro

Saturday 26th April 2024

Risky Matters with Dr Sham Shaamsi Tips to try and prevent and deal with medico-legal issues

Friday 6th June 2025

Implants: Screw it!

Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry

Saturday 7th June 2025

Treatment Planning: Become worth it! Understand the value of your time and charge appropriately

Friday 8th & Saturday 9th August 2025 (2 DAY)

Elevate your Composites Become masters of anterior and posterior composites

Friday 12th September 2025

Aligner Orthodontics: Brace Yourself Understand why and when to use Aligners in Orthodontics

Saturday 13th September 2025

Ubhi Top Gum: Hands-on periodontal surgery including Crown Lengthening

Friday 3rd October 2025

Teeth Out: Oral Surgery Masterclass Oral Surgery hands-on skills from a Master

Saturday 4th October 2025

Jedi ASM: Anterior Smile Makeovers Anterior Preps and Temporisation

Friday 7th November 2025

Endodontics: Simpler, Faster, Better See the newest and most predictable techniques in Endodontics

Saturday 8th November 2025

Elevate your Posterior Ceramics Indirect Posterior Dentistry from the Elevate team

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